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How To Get Unstuck Anytime

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

As we set goals for the future, it can be easy to get distracted if we aren’t clear about what we want. Early in my career, I saw the professional advantage of leaders who were able to evaluate their life and goals and formulate a successful plan for achieving those goals.

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What's Your Definition Of Success?

It's essential to clarify your thoughts, goals, and desires before you can achieve success! Think about it. How can you work towards something passionately when you aren't sure what you want to happen?

Success means different things to everyone. For many of us, financial achievement and wealth are critical to our definition of success. Paying your bills is a major achievement, but is that enough?

When I quit my first corporate job to take a $10 per hour internship in advertising, I told my father I had found a path to my dream job, being a paid writer. My Dad handed me a $100 bill and told me: "the bank doesn't care about your dreams; rent is due on the first of the month. Good luck."

At the time, I knew that while I was making good corporate money, I wasn't happy with my job, where I lived or how I spent my time. Financial stability and wealth are part of my definition of success, but not all of it.

Learn How To Overcome Obstacles and Excuses

Think of a time when you felt stuck and missed your expectations for your life. When you reflect, notice how there are different areas where you can experience success. Most importantly, you've probably experienced what it feels like when you are successful in one area and failing in others. That's normal!

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