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7 Common Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals and How To Get Unstuck

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I dare you to name one successful person who hasn't had to overcome a hurdle in their life. You can't. Even the most wealthy in the world will tell you that more money means more problems. Developing mental tools to be more resilient and exercise your creative problem-solving will help you achieve your goals even when it's complicated. Each transition has been challenging to manage as a young corporate executive, entrepreneur, and mom. I've fallen victim to and overcome these same challenges at every stage of my journey.

In working with my clients, I've developed a methodology I call TRIBE for short. It's a framework for navigating your life and career.

TRIBE is the belief that: Every little step you take matters.

Every moment is one you can use or waste.

Every Resource you encounter can form a part of your toolbox.

Every Innovation you make can be a stepping stone on the way forward.

Every belief you honor can elevate others.

And every moment of Evolution contributes to your legacy.

Having goals and applying the TRIBE methodology as you manage your life will help you achieve the life of your dreams. Some of life's most satisfying experiences are those that involve staying focused on a goal until you reach it. It's true; you'll still experience times when, no matter how hard you try, you're facing obstacles blocking the way.

Issues come in all shapes and sizes. If you are feeling stuck, here are some typical blocks that can keep you from moving forward.

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