How to overcome ANYTHING

Updated: Feb 10

Are you waking up feeling stuck and unmotivated? As a leadership coach, I've noticed that high performers like you can feel like a failure trying to balance all the trauma in the world on top of changes at work, life, and homeschooling kids too!

Legit, it's a lot!

Just thinking about your day and all the things you can't control can make you anxious and unproductive.

Can I tell you why I know gratitude will help you overcome anything? As I was starting my dream job as a speechwriter at McDonald's Corporation back in 2006, I began to have terrible headaches, and then I noticed issues with my vision.

I started to see double, then triple, and one day I woke up and saw EIGHT alarm clocks, but I only had ONE in my bedroom.

When my boss forced me to go to the Doctor, I found out I had an extremely rare condition called pseudotumor celerbri or idiopathic intracranial hypertension. It mimicked a brain tumor and caused the pressure inside my skull and spinal cavity to increase for no apparent reason.

When I was finally admitted to the Emergency room, I had four times the fluid a living person should have. I'll never forget the Doctor asking me wh