Learn step-by-step career advice and gain executive coaching tools to align your personal and professional goals.

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Meredith shares her story of making the difficult decisions and living your values at work.


Learning from the lessons in this book will help you navigate your career. Whether you are just starting your career or you are well along your journey, your impact can be as important as anyone's.

- Don Thompson,

the first African American CEO

of McDonald's Corporation and

CEO of Cleveland Avenue Venture Capital 

Meredith is a smart, thoughtful and strategic business partner to leaders at all levels. Her broad experience and passionate approach to problem solving makes her invaluable when you're facing some of the toughest business and people challenges.


When situations require sensitivity, compassion, and insight, Meredith is able to clear a path and identify solutions that move everyone forward.

- Lisa Magnuson

Senior Vice President,

Corporate Communications,

Dairy Management Inc.

"Meredith was asked to be one of our external Power Mentors for a Leadership Development Program for Ecolab. I was blown away by her keen ability to connect with our participants in a way that was relevant , yet so personal, to what is happening in today's society. She was quick to give participants tips on having a crucial conversation in a challenging environment and finding their voice when they didn't think they had the strength to do it. In the short time we had with Meredith, she taught the group how to be authentic and to show up each day by simply being yourself. Meredith left a lasting impression on the group."

- Teresa Schmitz


"I learned of this book via an interview with the author on Valorie Burton’s podcast Positively Psyched. I read it in a weekend with my journal along side taking so many notes. I love the TRIBE method and how she helps you to think through/meditate on all aspects of your life. If you are stuck personally or professionally then this book will help you gain more clarity. It’s starts at the beginning and builds. By the end you will have a clear picture of what’s important in your life and how to keep your top priorities top of mind."

- Tonya W
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