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What to Do When You're Feeling Overwhelmed At Work

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

My client's first complaint is feeling overwhelmed and burned out at work. Many don't even realize what they are experiencing; they know how hard it is to get control of their inbox, and they wake up at night replaying their bosses' comments. They get stuck staying up all night wondering what to do first when they arrive at the office in the morning. Getting stuck can be as simple as feeling like your daily routine is working in direct opposition to your purpose.

Take control of your life, starting with your work before you become burned out.

Start with yourself and take control of your time with this checklist. Honor the stage you are in, whether you are outgrowing your role or finding the courage to speak up about what you need to be successful. You are the master of your fate; remember, you have the power to protect your career and well-being.

Steps to Take on Your Own:

1. Write your action plan. Taking time out to get organized will help you to work more efficiently in the long run. Take time to get clear about your priorities and create systems that save you energy. Try a bullet journal to detail your steps and batch similar tasks together.

2. Get curious and look out for resource drains. Do you have some tasks that are draining more energy than they are worth? Distinguish between activities where you need to excel and those where doing a good enough job is adequate. Watch out for feelings of being manipulated, drained, or forced to restrict your authentic self.

3. Focus on yourself. You are the only one of you. Don't feel pressure to handle stress like anyone else or share your experience on social media. Most experts now believe that multitasking is a myth. Focus on one thing at a time to reduce stress and achieve higher quality results. You're not saving time if you have to go back and fix your mistakes.

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