10 Ways To Think Like A Winner

Are you ready to prepare your mind for prosperity? Winners know how important it is to stick to your values as an everyday practice. But life can be stressful and it's much harder to be disciplined and motivated.

Even in difficult situations, I saw my mentor Mr. Don Thompson keep his values at the forefront of his mind. In Getting Unstuck I share the story of flying during a severe thunderstorm when I was afraid I would start crying in front of the senior leaders as our plane bounced around in turbulence. Mr. Thompson gently told me, "It will get better when we get above the clouds." He was right about the turbulence, and it was a larger metaphor for leadership.

There were no steps I could take to make the experience better other than calming myself and riding it out, ignoring all the little bumps along the way in favor of focusing on the end goal. At that moment, he comforted me, encouraged me, and showed me what a leader is supposed to be in uncertain times. Leadership starts with you. Having a Getting Unstuck mindset means you're now better able to weather adversity and keep your head up. Knowing the value of your mindset and the use of positive thinking has made your mindset even stronger.

Winners have a different mindset than the rest of the population. They project confidence, peace, and calm. By adopting a similar mindset, you can expect more spectacular results.

Have you heard the saying, "Attitude is everything"? This adage reveals a great truth: the perspective you take in any situation ultimately determines the outcome. So if you want to bring more abundance into your life, it's important to learn to think like a winner.

How can you acquire the mindset of a winner? Try these strategies:

1. You're human. Instead of focusing on perfection, set a goal to make the most out of your day. Be realistic and take every opportunity to be more joyful. You can be excellent, not perfect.

2. Know what you want. Be specific about what you're trying to accomplish. For example, if you're running a marathon, perhaps your first goal is to complete a 5k race or to finish and not be in the last place.

3. See progress as a win. Let's stick with the marathon example, you could aim to improve your times on each consecutive run. Recognize when you have done more today than yesterday.

4. Refuse to set yourself up for failure. Setting unrealistically high expectations is a terrible plan. If you lack experience or expertise in something, like running a marathon, you can't expect to run 26.2 miles on your first run, or even your second. It takes time to be great. Rather than saying, "I'm going to be the first," say, "I'm so proud of myself for getting started. As long as I complete this task, I'm a winner."

5. Accept compliments from others. Do you dismiss kind words from others? Often we're so used to ignoring them we don't notice them anymore. If that's you, it's time to recognize that most of us don't go out of our way to praise another unless we're quite impressed with something they did.

○ When you are feeling good, people take note of it and often comment about it. Enjoy the praise and compliments from others with open arms and keep up the great work!

6. Take a personal inventory. The best athletes and business leaders are always evaluating their performance. Self-awareness helps you notice where you are in life and how you feel about your progress.

○ What're your greatest successes?

○ What have you done well?

○ What is your proudest accomplishment?

7. Remind yourself of all the things you've done right. Spend some time reflecting on the abundance of good fortune you've already received in your life.

8. Winning looks different for everyone. Did you know that most competitions and promotions include a financial reward for strong performance? While money can motivate some, you can define winning in other ways. You might get more priveledges at work. Maybe you'll be recognized with a prestigious award in your field. Perhaps you'll become the subject matter expert whenever people are facing a challenge.

9. See the power you have in your own life. When you take responsibility to overcome life's challenges on your terms, you'll truly feel stronger, more empowered, and ready to seize every opportunity.

You will prosper when you step up and make the decision to thrive.

10. Celebrate your daily actions. Whether you declare your day a success or failure, look for activities you are proud of and what you did well. After a particularly difficult challenge, take some time to determine the positive aspects and notice what you've learned.

○ For example, if you sent that email to set up the meeting to learn more about a new job, that, in itself, is a win. That's a step in the right direction and one that deserves to be celebrated as much as applying, interviewing or accepting the job because the next steps would be less likely if you hadn't taken action.

○ Even if they end up hiring someone else, you gained valuable experience in the process. You make a decision and followed through. People will remember those things. Ultimately, you'll prosper in some way from the experience.

What you believe about yourself and a situation before it occurs is a critical factor in how you'll handle that situation. So, set your mindset for prosperity by thinking like a winner, and before you know it, you'll be living your best life.

So set your bar high and see yourself exceeding your expectations for what's possible in your life.

Take action!

Watch my Inspire Action playlist if you need ideas for useful information, motivational speeches, and inspirational gurus to follow.

To avoid getting distracted or caught up in trends, think of three brilliant and successful people who inspire you to do better. Research them and learn more about their values, goals, even learn their morning routines.

Once you discover your rockstar mentors, look for videos with tips on how they set their mindset, and overcome dark times in their lives. Watch a few videos and think about ways you can incorporate their ideas into your own life. Notice any similarities in philosophy between the three people you chose.