The difference between mentoring, counseling, consulting, or coaching

Updated: Feb 10

In honor of National Women's Small Business Month, I'm sharing the answers to the questions you ask most often. If you consider getting help to stay motivated, set strategic goals, and make the most of the end of the year, you must invest in the right support.

You must understand the difference between coaching and other professional services such as therapy or counseling, consulting, and mentoring.

Coaching focuses on where you are now and where you want to go to help you gain clarity about your vision, overcome obstacles to your success, and achieve results that empower you to live your best life – professionally and personally. Coaching helps you achieve the results you want by holding you accountable for taking consistent action.

We can focus on any area of your life: relationships, finances, spiritual life, career, or physical health.

Coaching vs. Counseling- While coaching is forward-focused, a mental health therapist focuses on your past issues where you may find yourself stuck and struggling. We may occasionally discuss something that has occurred in the past to clarify the present, but your coaching will not focus on resolving the past.