MUST-READ: What successful people have in common.

I love helping c-suite executives explain the bigger" why" and motivate their audience to understand corporate goals and vision. It's one of the reasons I've been a full-time speechwriter since I pivoted from my career path in finance and public relations. When I started at McDonald's corporation in 2006 I didn't even know I could make a living as a writer. My job was to support the U.S. senior management team by creating and editing drafts of letters, emails or general correspondence.

As a bonus, I liked to learn their voice and enjoyed helping other writers with their research. Going the extra mile was rewarded. Soon I was writing for Don Thompson, former CEO of McDonald's Corporation and since then I've worked almost exclusively with Fortune 500 execs. I've had an incredibly rewarding career and I'm proud of what I've accomplished for my clients. If you want a meaningful career as a writer, consider speechwriting!

With each project, I meet with stakeholders and interview subject matter experts to research and understand a societal or business problem. From CEO's to entertainers, I've had the chance to write for cool people.

Of course, I always ask what's the secret to their success.

And you know what? Every time they are surprised when it's my secret too! We may come from different backgrounds but we have the same career lesson. I wanted to share the tip with you so that you can discover how to stand out in your organization and breakthrough as a high performer.

Some call it evolution or continuous improvement. The new buzzword is productivity or mission-minded. Whatever it is, it's a result of the same commitment to doing better than the day before. The secret is...

Learn something daily.

Yep, that's it. CEO's care about their performance and so they show up and early and stay late. They don't quit or get distracted when work gets difficult. Leaders have a goal and a clear vision for their life. They don't get stuck being unhappy with their choice. They make different choices. They choose to learn from their mistakes.

Life is more natural when you enjoy what you do. Shifting your mindset to look for lessons is one way you can change your life for the better today. You deserve to use all of your gifts and talents for the good of the world.

What do you do?

I get inspired by mission-aligned executives who are willing to use their voice and have a clear call to action. I am grateful to help my clients tell their stories. The best speech writing clients know what they want. Whatever you do, be clear on your strengths and know-how to leverage your unique talents to achieve your goals.

Whether your audience is a board of directors, investors, employees, or consumers, if you are changing the world and need help to tell your story, I'd love to learn more.

If you are not performing your best, my message to you is to GET UNSTUCK. Only you can change your path. Find what interests you and invest your time in evolving your skills.

Thank you for reading!

From LinkedIn to, it's an honor to share the lessons from working with the world's greatest leaders with you.

Welcome to the next evolution of Getting Unstuck.

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