The Secret Weapon To Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck starts with the right mindset. After I decided I wasn't happy in my job, I took a week to figure out what I really wanted, and I experienced what life would be like when I was truly in charge. I had to step outside of my career, my achievements, and even my family. For one week, I gave myself time away from everyone else's expectations. I cleared my calendar and got off social media. Before I told anyone about my new plan or what was next, I started checking in with myself. If that's you, check out my week of possibilities.

To overcome obstacles and build the most effective mindset, define success for yourself so you can see your goals more clearly, and assess where you need to direct your time and energy first.

Feeling stuck can be painful, so start by writing down your own definition of success. Don't skip this step, take time to read this article and order your priorities.

Let's move forward with retraining your mind to help you reach that success. Do you use affirmations?

Each day I quietly meditate and affirm an area of my life (finances, relationships, spirituality, education, career, health). I visualize my ideal state with respect to the day's theme. Then, I listen to affirmation, my secret weapon to keeping my mind focused on my goal. By knowing what I want it to look like, I can more easily recognize it when I see it and when I don't.

Using affirmations daily helps you keep your thoughts positive and increase your persistence. During the most difficult moments in life, from test-taking to childbirth, I've used affirmations to deal with anxiety, stress, and gain confidence.

For example, "I see miracles in my life."

Affirmations can push you forward and help you sharpen your vision for your purpose, and you're why.

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about what's possible in your life? Maybe you can see yourself achieving great things so clearly that you struggle to believe it could be real in the future. Has this ever happened to you? The problem occurs when you respond to this new, beautiful vision with a negative thought process.

Instead of repeating to yourself all the reasons you can't, what would happen if you open your mind to a new idea?

What if, instead of giving up, you made some changes?

Getting Unstuck means changing the way you think. Often you can shift your mind before you can change your environment.

Affirmation: I am becoming better every day, in every way.

When you change your thought processes to focus on positive thinking, you truly can change your life. Positive thoughts enable you to motivate yourself and make it happen.

Affirmations and You

Clarifying your vision and deciding you are worthy of change is the best place to start. When you are clear on what you want, you're giving yourself permission to change your life, attain your goals, and be successful.

There will be times when fear, impostor syndrome, or issues outside of your control make it more difficult to think positively; during these low times, you can turn to a useful tool called affirmations.

Affirmations have helped a lot of people shift their thinking to propel them toward their goals in a new and exciting way. Using affirmations can change the way you think about everything.

Affirmation: I attract success into my life effortlessly.

If you're honest with yourself, you may notice your inner dialogue, how you feel about yourself, and even the way you present yourself to others is negative. Destructive thinking will undermine your effort and sets you up to fail or give up before you ever really get started.

Whenever you start anything new, creating a success mindset takes practice to get the results you want.

The best part is you can get all the practice you need, anytime, anywhere for free with your Getting Unstuck affirmations.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations change your thoughts one at a time through positive statements that activate your mind to change your life. Reciting affirmations will enable you to accomplish the things you wish to achieve because each word we speak has the power to evoke emotions. Affirmations allow you to program – or reprogram – your thought processes and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

For example, if you notice you're telling yourself what you can't do, you can replace these negative thoughts with an affirmation for success. You might notice you say to yourself, "I'm getting sick," instead you replace it by saying an affirmation such as, "My body, mind, and soul are in perfect health."

If you can't find a statement that fits, write your own or borrow one of mine, one of my favorites as an entrepreneur is, "I am already perfect and prepared." When you decide how you want to feel, every time you say these statements aloud, you reaffirm them to your subconscious.

Is It Really This Easy?

As a corporate Speechwriter and leadership coach, I work closely with c-suite executives to help them shift their mindset and gain the confidence to achieve their goals. The key characteristic that sets them apart is that they are resilient and use tools like affirmations and positive thinking to foster a Getting Unstuck mindset. By taking the time to implement a healthy routine to start their day focused on what matters most to them, they improve their chances of making it happen.

It seems too easy and free to be true, but it is. Talk to any person you find successful. You'll find that successful people use positive statements like these to drive them toward their goals and away from negativity. They will tell you their inner dialogue is critical for their motivation, success, and achievement.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were all born with the tools for Getting Unstuck? Sadly, in this day of digital distractions and busyness, many people prefer to focus on the negative, rather than embrace positivity. It takes energy, but energy is free. Affirmations are free fuel available to everyone in the world all the time!

Affirmations can help you overcome your limiting, negative beliefs and make it easier for you to make the right decisions for your life. Getting Unstuck can be a reality for you. To see an impact, you must believe and reaffirm your positive thoughts daily for at least 30 days. You can change your reality and be a better friend to yourself when you take the time to invest in your happiness.