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My Morning Routine Checklist To A Better Day

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The greatest gift isn't in the store. It's your time. Bust out your new calendar and take a fresh look at what's possible next year. I'm helping you ride the wave of positive thinking and improve your chances by starting to make behavior changes now. Over the past year, I found the time to write a book and run my business by recognizing when to overhaul my routine. Do you feel like you are perpetually behind?

Does it seem like even working weekends, you don't have enough time to do it all?

Feeling stuck isn't fun, and it isn't healthy. The most successful people in business have one thing in common; they wake up early! Why? Changing your day starts with your morning. It's the best time of day to get things done.

In episode ten of the Getting Unstuck With Meredith Moore Crosby podcast, I shared how I had to change my routine when I went from being single and traveling all the time to being married with two small kids. It's not easy, but if I created a routine based on my values with music and inspiration to lift me. This week I'm sharing seven steps to give you confidence by improving your morning routine.

Here's my checklist for taking your morning routine with you:

1. Make A Positive Vibes Playlist. How you wake up can impact your motivation and mood for the entire day. Setting the stage for positive outcomes, uplifting moments, and love starts with your musical choices. I'm a big fan of spa music to set the tone for my morning. Either way surrounding yourself with positive lyrics, music, or meditation will encourage you to uplift your intentions for the day.

2. Set a Social Media Free Zone. In today's digital world, getting overwhelmed with other people's news and taking on the world's energy before you get out of bed is easy. What do other people's timelines have to do with you? Give yourself space in the first thing to connect with yourself before you connect your social accounts.

3. Drink Water, Limit the Coffee. Science tells us we are 99% water. It might seem simple, but replenishing your H20 wakes up your body the right way. Drinking each glass of water can be a positive trigger for other daily goals, like taking your medication or packing your lunch. While it may be a tough habit to crack (I still have one cup daily), limiting your caffeine can help limit anxiety and unhealthy dependency on caffeine.

4. Make Your Bed. Another easy win to start a streak of good vibes for your day. Only you can tidy up your room, but how good will it feel to come home to a clean space at the end of your day? An excellent trigger for reflecting on moments of gratitude; if nothing else, you have a place to sleep. Setting your mind to see what you are thankful for can change how you perceive your day. I like to add lavender oil to my sheets for an extra soothing moment as I fall asleep.

5. Move Your Body. Whether it's stretching or Zumba, getting your blood flowing is the number one recommendation when your energy is low. Bonus points if you get fresh air and find time to connect with nature. Either way, checking this one off your morning list can empower you throughout the day. You've already accomplished one of the top three goals of people worldwide, and you are on the road to physical fitness.

6. Feed Your Body. Give your body fuel to wake up and work with you. Try whole grains and fruit like oatmeal with apples if you need a hot start. Smoothies are an easy fix if you want to chill out with a tropical treat. Add protein and flax, and I'm a fan of kale. Treat yourself by exploring flavors like turmeric and enhancements to help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

7. Review Your Meals For The Day. Think ahead to where your day will take you and plan for your health. Pack granola bars, fruit, and water to make sure you don't find yourself distracted worrying about basic needs. Taking a few moments in your morning to visualize yourself prepared for your day can help you see where you may need to adjust so you can show up your best at each step. As you get better at reviewing your calendar, try looking further out to a few weeks or months.

How To Move Forward:

Start Small! Layer on your goals by picking what seems most energizing to you. Can't imagine water before coffee? Don't start there! Start with something achievable and set a goal for a week. Go for a streak of three days and then seven. Make sure you celebrate by tracking on a Post-It or using an app like Habitbull. Drop me a note on LinkedIn or Instagram so that I can congratulate you on your progress.

Reward Yourself For Progress! High achievers sometimes think that you'll lose the momentum to finish the race by recognizing the steps. Not true! In fact, by celebrating the milestones, you'll be more likely to notice what you've accomplished. Use your bullet journal to make a column dedicated to your morning routine and commit to a treat when you achieve your goal.

This is your year to be more productive, starting with your morning. You are capable of changing your life and pushing the boundaries of what is possible for you. Do more of what makes you happy in 2019.

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Was this article helpful? For more exercises like this one, check out my book on success and finding your purpose in life. Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward tells the story of how one woman found the time and energy to overcome the battle for advancement in corporate America.

As an author, speaker, and mom, I share my mentors' unwritten rules and advice to evolve your dream job into your dream life, take control of your time, and design a set of values for leading you onward.

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