How To Sustain Your Positive Mindset

By now, you know that Getting Unstuck requires a positive mindset, and gratitude to shift mindset positively. However, a positive attitude can be challenging to maintain when life gets complicated.

On your journey to evolving to the next level, it's vital to maintain your positive mindset even when you don't feel like it. There is often a distance between where you are and where you are striving to take your life. Seeing the next step, but not knowing how to take it can be painful. You can feel stuck and start to doubt your abilities if your progress is not at the pace you set. Perfection can lead to imposter syndrome if you compare what you achieve to anyone else.

The difference between high performers who become the best in their field and those who fail to advance is that those rockstars have an unprecedented drive to make their vision a reality. They refuse to get up, overcoming injury, loss, devastation, natural disasters, and more. If you ever want to be inspired, listen to the stories of the athletes in the Olympics and imagine the drive and time it takes even to make it to the competition, even then they face illness, fatigue, injury or worse. How do they perform when all of their hard work is on the line, and they still have a one in ten chance (or less) of getting the gold medal.

When you know what you want, the next step is harnessing your discipline to learn new skills and address your weaknesses. If you can see the value in controlling your mind, you will achieve your destined success.

Try these techniques to elevate your mood and focus on the inner peace you deserve:

1. Make today great, start with something good. Each morning is a chance to start your day on the right foot. Don't wake up telling yourself everything negative that can happen today. Instead, set your mind to experience to see the best in the world by seeing something positive first thing in the morning. Perhaps it's setting your vision board, plant, or a beautiful photo by your bed, so you see it when you first wake up. You can adjust your routine as slightly as avoiding screens and instead, enjoying your morning coffee in peace while you savor the sunrise.

Creating your uplifting morning routine that you can repeat consistently to ease into your day will make your life better. Take time to notice what activities help lighten your mood and put you on the path to positive thinking.

Did you know every person has their own vibration frequency? Many say that's what drives our various tastes in music, why some people can hate the same sound another person loves. Try listening to different sound frequencies to set a positive vibration.

Identify two or three things you can do each morning that'll set the stage for a successful day. As these become habit, add to your routine little by little. Over time you'll learn to adjust your routine depending on your level of stress or anxiety.

If you can't get time alone, they're unique affirmations for kids too. Check out this one:

Why is it worth it?

A morning routine helps your body and mind settle in and focus on what you need to accomplish. Instead of rushing around and potentially forgetting important details, guide yourself through a peaceful set of steps to calm your mind, and create unstoppable momentum. Take control of your day by putting yourself first.

2. Set exciting goals. If you wake up each morning with no focus, essentially lost as you enter the world, your mind can quickly get stuck in negative feelings that can distract you throughout the day.

Even worse, if your first move is to get on social media and get sucked into whatever is online today. Instead of giving your energy and time away, give your life direction by setting goals that will motivate and excite you. Write down your goals and prioritize review them daily. Each day, take a small action that brings you closer to attaining your goal.

Take action! It's never too late to start. I read an article about a woman who graduated from college at 80 years old. This week write down all the reasons why each goal is important to you. How will you feel when you reach the goal you've set? How will your loved ones be affected? How will your quality of life improve?

Spend a few minutes each day reading through your goal list. A big enough "why" can help you to overcome obstacles that are in your way.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. If you want to feel better about your life, spend time with people who encourage you and bring out the best in you. Michelle Obama has a great quote, "the people I know lean on the people around them who believe in them." Invest your time with the people who make you feel good about yourself and less time with those that complain about everything.

Life comes with storms and turbulent weather. Learning to get above the clouds is easier when you spend time around people that help you to see what's positive.

4. Remember, it's okay to have a bad start to your day. When you have a rough start to your day, don't beat yourself up or dwell on it. There are many things that are outside of our control. You wake up to an emergency, work responsibility, or a forgotten task, and suddenly you can't shake the feeling of failure because you skipped your routine. Don't get stuck turning meditation or a morning routine into superstition and crediting the success or failures of your day on whether you head doves or a Tibetian drum when you first woke up. Life happens.

Remember tomorrow is a new chance to experience all that life has to offer you. If you start with a fresh perspective your next victory is right around the corner.

This article will only help if commit to practice. Pick one or more techniques to include in your routine and decide that your happiness is worth small changes that lead to a big payoff. Begin to experience the joy you deserve by taking positive steps today that will lead to a bright future. Plus, you can do your routine at any time of day. If you forgot, take a few minutes and make it happen now.

By taking action when you first wake up, you'll prepare yourself to harness the mindset of a winner. Combining a positive mindset with the mental habits of a winner is an unstoppable combination. Now you know the secret, it all starts and ends with you. You decide how far and fast you'll go. You decide how you start your day.

Consider there is someone waking up in the world with fewer choices and opportunities than you. Yet every year we hear stories of people overcoming the odds to rise to the top of their field. What's the difference between you and someone else? You read this article. Don't wait, start today.

Take Action Today

Take a minute to prepare for tomorrow's morning routine. Review the suggestions and add one positive action that will enhance your mindset.

Keep adding and enhancing to your routine. Try to research and add three things to your morning routine by the end of the week.

Track your actions and feelings to create a morning routine that empowers you and your mindset. Remember you are doing this for you, but if you need encouragement I'm here to help. Here's to getting unstuck!

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