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How to Get Unstuck with Your Personal Budget Plan in 4 Weeks

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

According to a new workplace study, two in five Americans dream about the day they can tell their boss they quit! Does that sound like you?

Whether you are in a corporate, nonprofit, entrepreneur, or a stay at home environment, there are no easy roles. Any path you choose will require work, time, and money to be successful. Even those Instagram influencers who make it look easy to pay their bills with their brand will admit there's one road map to changing your life, make a budget.

Money and finance can be significant sources of stress. Do you dream of having enough money to live your life to its fullest while still saving for a rainy day? You can make your dream come true if you're willing to plan and stick to a budget. The truth is your financial health is your responsibility. Out of all of my adulting lessons, creating a well-planned budget is the hardest and most rewarding decision to get unstuck.

With a budget, you see exactly where each dollar you earn is being spent and how much you need to make to fund your dreams. Using a platform like Mint helps you spend less on items that don't fit your life's priorities by pointing out what you might not notice. As a result of paying attention to the details of your life, you have more money to spend on things that really matter to you.

Consider what you could do with $100,000; what would you buy first, what debt would you pay off, and how much would you save for retirement? Allow yourself to see your financial future differently than it is today.

You may be pleasantly surprised if you think that staying on a budget is severe. It's easier than you think. When you plan your budget carefully, you create the right mix of spending and saving to support you in the pursuit of your dreams.

"You must act as if it is impossible to fail."

- Ashanti proverb

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