Discover the TRIBE Methodology and how to Apply it to Your Life

I took a lot away from my time in corporate America. I learned from so many mentors, got way more experience than I bargained for, and decided for myself what I needed to focus on in order to grow. And at the end of it all, I had a set of steps that were a recipe for success- for growth, for vision, for goals. Together, I call them TRIBE.

TRIBE is a methodology to keep your goals and vision a priority. It is a simple reminder, a structure to protect you from falling into bad habits. At its base level, it's also an acronym for your keys to success:






Each of these components is key to your professional journey. When you internalize each part of TRIBE- when you manage your time and find the resources to allow yourself to be innovative, and when you believe you can evolve your vision until you reach your definition of success- you will transform your journey. The goal is not happiness. Understanding and practicing what makes you feel happy is the goal!

It's worked for me in every situation to recognize when something is wrong and adjust, to stand up for myself, and to know when it's time to leave a position. I've survived toxic cultures and identified a strategy that's worked to help others navigate changes inside and outside of corporate America. It will help you to clarify your vision for your life and build a team so strong you don't know who the boss is. You deserve to innovate in your workplace without constant directives from management.

This book is about my faith in you. I believe that you want to have a positive impact on the world and help people, and that's why you are reading this post and why I hope you will pick up the book. I'm here to inspire you, help you grow and work to build your TRIBE.

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