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getting unstuck podcast

Are you a leader responsible for advancing diversity and inclusion but struggling to overcome mental burnout and imposter syndrome?


Author, executive coach, and entrepreneur Meredith Leigh Moore shares her advice on overcoming your personal challenges to bring your best at work and home.


Align your life with battle-tested strategies from over a decade in corporate America to manage your time, resources, and learn how to be innovative in your daily routine. 


One in four women is considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce due to COVID-19. Don't let imposter syndrome or mental burnout keep you from setting your course for your life. It's never too late!


This self-guided course brings the lessons of Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward to life on your schedule.

The Getting Unstuck Academy teaches you the steps to create the career and life you want. Learn how to position your strengths and clarify your goals with confidence.


Enrollment includes:

  • Two live coaching sessions with coach, Meredith Leigh Moore

  • Access to our invitatation-only network of women of color professionals for monthly peer coaching

  • Your leadership profile to asssess your strengths and communications style

  • Create systems to achieve your personal and professional goals

  • Expert advice on salary negotiation and recruiting your personal board of directors

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