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Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward

As women in the workplace, we are told anything is possible—if a woman hasn't done it yet, then we can be the first. But in reality, there are still unwritten rules that make it possible to see the next step but never reach it. Sometimes we become so numb to our problems that we accept them as unchangeable—we get stuck. What if you could change your life, starting with your career?

Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward tells the story of how one woman found the time and energy to overcome the battle for advancement in corporate America. Meredith Moore Crosby, who supported the most diverse senior leadership team in the history of the McDonald’s Corporation, shares unwritten rules and the advice of her mentors to evolve your dream job into your dream life, taking control of your time and designing a set of values to lead you onward. Her book offers a vision for aligning your purpose with partnerships to move your career forward.


It’s not about succeeding or failing—not trying is the only real risk. Let Meredith take you on a journey to getting unstuck.



About the Author:

Meredith Moore Crosby shares her expertise as a global brand strategist, leadership coach, and author. During her time at the largest companies in the world, Meredith led award-winning global initiatives and external brand engagement, resulting in recognition as a diversity leader and talent developer. As a member of Forbes Coaches Council, she shares her insights with Forbes.com, and has been featured in Diversity Woman and Ebony. She is the youngest recipient of Howard University’s Global Visionary Award.



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Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career For