Getting Unstuck with Meredith Moore Crosby

Episode One: Getting Unstuck with Your Nontechnical Skills


Are your nontechnical thoughts getting in the way of applying for a job, finishing a book or starting your business?


Author and global brand strategist Meredith Moore Crosby shares the story her first corporate job and how she almost missed the opportunity by getting distracted by her nontechnical skills.


In this episode you'll learn:


  • How to overcome anxiety and fears by slowing the process down to focus on your technical skills and avoid getting stuck in negative thinking. 

  • Meredith gives you the tools to separate your technical skills from your nontechnical thoughts to manage your triggers, thoughts, and reactions to get unstuck.

  • Hear how her experience inspired the story of her first job in corporate America inspired her to start and transition the Create Opportunity podcast.

  • Learn the latest on her new book on pre-sale now, Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward and how to connect with the book club on LinkedIn.



Episode Two: Getting Unstuck with Your Book








Episode Ten: Getting Unstuck with Your Morning Routine

Have you ever felt stuck and behind before you even started? Maybe you’ve been waking up already drained and without the energy to do what you know you need to do, well if that’s you, we’re going to help you learn how to overcome the common barriers to success with the tools and resources you already have.


To recap, the previous lesson explained the fear and the tools to overcome or to prevent them. This lesson is going to specifically talk about our morning routines. If you are reading Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward, I would pair this podcast with the exercise on pages 45-54. Remember, I’m here to help you navigate so each episode I’m giving you the tools I use with my coaching clients so you can implement them in your own life. If you are still feeling stuck, connect with me directly by setting up a complimentary goal-setting session. But first, let’s talk about our mornings.


  • Mornings before kids

  • Mornings after kids

  • Mornings when I worked in an office

  • Mornings as an entrepreneur

  • Mornings as a writer


Here are tips if you want to have a more successful year, starting with your mornings:

  • Start early. Get up earlier.

  • Make your bed

  • Drink water before coffee

  • Get outside or look outside

  • Move your body, stretch and practice breathing

  • Eat something

  • Take food with you for your day

  • Track your micro goals like taking medicine, walking during the day and stepping away from the computer.


It’s really easy to think when we aren’t getting results that we need to do more, but often we need to do less. What can you release from your morning routine?


Implementation tip: One goal at a time. Be gentle and honest with yourself. What can only you do? Download my affirmations and join my mailing list for more encouragement on your journey.



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