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Are you ready to overcome imposter syndrome, market your skills, and attract the rock star mentors? I teach high performing leaders how to develop the skills to advocate for yourself and build unique relationships with those who influence your career goals.

In the Emerging Thought Leader Program you will learn how to advance your career and achieve the following objectives: 


  • Clarify your strengths and blind spots. Build confidence in your skills, experience, and unique talents.

  • Improve your productivity. Apply the leadership and mindfulness best practices to help manage the demands in your work and life and take action.

  • Understand the resources in your toolbox. Learn the difference between advisors, mentors, sponsors, including how to network to explore your opportunities and meet a rock star mentor to get unstuck. 

  • Get confidential, expert advice from your leadership coach. Create your motivating five-year career plan based on your values, goals, and aspirations.

  • Learn what it takes to advance at your company. Discover the internal channels to gain visibility and development by engaging with leaders and sponsors.


About the Emerging Thought Leader Program

The eight week course is based on the concepts presented in Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward to teach high performing individual contributors and people managers in corporate America the tools to define their culture through individual and group values, behaviors. The Emerging Thought Leader program is designed to help each participant have a positive impact on the individual’s ability to navigate, develop and manage their career within the organization. Participation in the Emerging Thought Leader Program promotes self-discovery on the cultural journey towards life-long learning and experiences of what it means to be “YOU” at work. 


Live, weekly group coaching to build community and trust. Each interactive workshop starts with celebrating the participant’s success in applying the steps to achieve their goals. The 60-minute workshop includes an overview of a skill to develop, a facilitated group discussion about how the new skill aligns with individuals’ values, beliefs, assumptions, experiences, upbringing, and habits and how it’s relevant in the workplace. To complete each workshop, participants submit 1-3 action items aligned with their career plan confidentially to their coach. 


One on One career coaching. In addition to group sessions, the Emerging Thought Leader Program combines live, group coaching time with two individual coaching sessions between the participant and Emerging Thought Leader coach to focus on personal effectiveness, communication styles, organizational challenges, mentoring goals and perspectives that are unique to women. Sessions may include case studies and multimedia customized specifically for participants’ goals. The weekly group coaching meetings are interactive and challenge women to take ownership of their continued growth and development. The Emerging Thought Leader Program is designed to focus on organizational challenges and perspectives that are unique to women. 


The role of the Emerging Thought Leader facilitator:

Meredith Moore Crosby is a leadership coach, brand strategist and communications expert. As the facilitator of Getting Unstuck At Work, Meredith assumes primary responsibility for the learning process. The objective of the learning process in the facilitator's classroom is, therefore, transfer and assimilation of information. Meredith Moore Crosby is a certified facilitator of Insights ® Leadership Development Tool and meets with each participant to review their management profile.

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